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Tuesday, December 19th, 2006
6:31 pm - Update after almost two months...return to Warrington
Well, my first term of university has ended. There have been some ups. There have been some downs. There have been some things which kinda slot somewhere in the middle. I have met some wonderful people. And some annoying people. And some people who kinda slot somewhere in the middle. And now I'm back in Warrington for Christmas. Which kinda slots somewhere in the middle. I don't know...it seems really weird. I walked into Stockton Heath yesterday, and it seemed like I was Rip Van Winkle, seeing things almost of a past life. Only make the length of time that I'd been away three months as opposed to twenty years. Which means not a lot has changed drastically. But my walk into Stockton Heath did bring something pleasant, as I randomly bumped into a whole load of old-skool pals. We went to a pub quiz in the Phoenix and chatted and caught up with life, which made me happy.

current mood: cold

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Wednesday, October 25th, 2006
11:46 am - Oh no, not another quiz!
1. First & middle name: Joseph Patrick

2. Your hometown: Warrington, Cheshire

3. Fav song: Various songs that stand out to me as something amazing...One (U2), Pride (U2), Fix You (Coldplay), A Rush of Blood to the Head (Coldplay), This Love (Maroon 5), Sweetest Goodbye (Maroon 5), California Dreaming (Mamas and Papas), True Colours (Cindi Lauper), Otherside (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Storm in a Teacup (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Can't Stop (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Return to Oz (Scissor Sisters), Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon and Garfunkel), Elanor Put Your Boots Back On (Franz Ferdinand), You Could Have it So Much Better (Franz Ferdinand), White Rabbit (Jefferson Aeroplane), You Can Have it All (Kaiser Chiefs), Bones (The Killers)

4. Fav movie: Erm, there are so many, so I'll give you a Reader's Digest version of this list...Amelie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Mrs Henderson Presents, Back to the Future, Toy Story, Spirited Away, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean (both), The Little Mermaid, The Wizard of Oz, Return to Oz, Thank You For Smoking, ET

5. Fav TV Show: The Simpsons and The Catherine Tate Show

6. Fav vaca spot: Skiing, I guess...

7. Fav cereal: Shreddies, Wetabix, Country Crisp

8. Fav Perfume/cologne: Doesn't apply here

9. Fav quote: Have fun!

10. Fav drink: German Beer...ich liebe Becks!

11. Fav music artist: A tie between Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay and the Red Hot Chili Peppers

12. Fav holiday: Christmas

13. Fav cartoon show: The Simpsons

14. Fav candy: Galaxy Minstrels

15. Fav gem stone: Emeralds (is this quiz aimed at women?)

16. Fav 80s hair band: Aerosmith, as they're the only one I really know

17. Elvis or Beatles: The Beatles

18. Fav cartoon character: Roger Rabbit, Lisa Simpson and Ursula all rock.

19. Fav shape: Circle

20. Warner Bros or Disney:  Disney. Warner Brothers' cartoons are cool, but when you've got characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto, as well as films like Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, The Little Mermaid and Who Framed Roger Rabbit in your vaults, who are you naturally gonna pick?

21. Ocean or Mountains?: Oceans can have beauty, so can mountains. Nice seashores margiannily win against mountains, though I adore Alpine mountain towns.

22. Rock & Roll or Rap: Rock

23. M.J?: Michael Jackson is what you're talking about, right? He's okay (albeit a bit unusual).

24. Pizza topping: Cheese and Tomato are a given, with a combination of the following; chicken, ham/bacon and mushrooms. Yum.

25. Fav CD: You Could Have it So Much Better and/or By the Way

26. Fav shirt: Mondays Suck! Pull a Sicky!

27. Fav season: Summer for the nice weather, Autumn for the beauty.

28. Fav room in your home: My room

29: Fav Friend: I don't do favouritism. Sorry.

30. Fav Boyband: Erm, can an all male rock band count? If so, pretty much any of my favourite bands. If not, then I won't bother answering.


Last Hug: Can't remember...

Kiss: Can't remember...

Email: I don't know...I talked to Sam and Michelle on MSN last night. Does that count?

Incoming Phone call: Mum

Outgoing phone call: Michelle

Missed phone call: Michelle

Last 6 Outgoing Texts: Cris, John (x2), Becky, Sophie (x2)

Last 6 Incoming Texts: Andy (x3), Sam (x2), John

Person to hang out with: Michelle/Sophie

Place you went: Sainsbury's

Restaurant you went to: I went to the chippy on Monday night...does that count? The last sit-down meal was at Ego back in September, though I was sitting with some people eating a meal in Wetherspoon's a week ago (I'd already eaten stuff and just got a packet of crisps)

Place you bought something: Sainsbury's

Movie you saw in the theater: Monster House, I think

Movie you saw at home: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Show you recorded: I hardly record things anymore. In May, I recorded The Hunchback of Notre Dame (got video, but would have been widescreen as it was on the BBC, so I taped it for that) and I also taped The Muppets' Wizard of Oz last December, though I still haven't got round to watching both. That's what you get for being a DVD purist without a DVD Recorder.

Last high-five: I can't remember. Maybe Anita.

Last trip out of town: Well, I've been here in Nottingham for a bit over a month, and I've not left the town since. Good lord.

Last email: Didn't they ask this before?

Last song you heard: I'm currently listening to "When You Were Young" by the Killers. Before that, it was "Bones" by the same group.

Last person to hold your hand: No idea.

Last person to say goodnight to you: Last night, nobody I think.

Last IM: Sam

Thank god that quiz is over.

current mood: indifferent

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Sunday, October 8th, 2006
8:13 pm - My birthday means...
Your Birthdate: June 16

You're incredibly introverted and introspective. You live inside your head.
You spend a lot of alone time meditating and thinking.
People see you as withdrawn, and at times they are right.
You are caring and deep, but it may be difficult for you to show this side of yourself.

Your strength: Your original approach to thinking

Your weakness: You tend to shy away from others

Your power color: Pale blue

Your power symbol: Wavy line

Your power month: July

current mood: indifferent

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Saturday, September 30th, 2006
12:39 am - What happens when you use an automated journal updating thingy...
Today was really fun.

I got out of bed really early because I had terrible stomach cramps.

I feel good because today I getting my lip pierced! Finally! Mom said I could and she's signed the forms and EVERYTHING!

I'm so hardcore. Me and Buzz went to the mall today, and I stole a whole heap of stuff. I got a Good Charlotte CD, a couple of DVDs and some new boots. Buzz got caught, but he fought his way out, and then we stole some lady's car and smashed it into a phone booth.

Last night I had to masturbate twenty times. I'm so horny. Click here to see my website.

I want to tell the world that my girlfriend Amy is the bomb! She made pizza last night, and even though I burnt my lips on the cheese, it was awesome!!!

I am really annoyed with those assholes at _are_you_hotter_than_us_?, because I am so much cuter than them, and those photos don't do me justice. They can't reject me, so I'm starting my own rating community. Click here to join (the first five applicants are automatically accepted).

Today, I got a digital camera! Yes! I'm so ugly. Don't look at my photos pleeeeeze.

I want to say thanks to the world for absolutely fucking nothing! You all suck. I feel so alone, no one ever reads this journal, or even comments to let me know that I'm not suffering alone. It's cold here, and I want to die, but I cannot figure out how many of you to take with me when I go.

I went to the doctor yesterday, and he said I have bipolar disorder, just like my dad.

You should all do this quiz! It's amazingly accurate. You just put in your name and birthday, and it will tell you what your favourite sexual position is.

Nobody mourns the wicked.

That's enough for now. But I'll leave you with this thought - sharing your life with strangers on the internet is the cheapest form of therapy available. Leave a comment and tell me I'm beautiful.

Created with the Gregor's Semi-Automatic LiveJournal Updater™. Update your journal today!

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Friday, September 29th, 2006
9:02 pm - Life is an opera made up of soap.
Well, it seems as though my life is a more comical version of a soap-opera, just like Desperate Housewives minus all the intercourse and highly dysfunctional families whose image is protected by the homely portrait their social status gives. This week has been eventful to say the least. I've started uni, and have been literally thrown out of the suburbs of the quintessentially north-western town that is Warrington and into the middle of the big Midlands city that is Nottingham, and I'm only just getting my head around it. Fortunately, everything has been going generally well so far, so I guess that makes everything okay.

However, I've still had some usually unusual things happen to me these past few days. Yesterday, in a cab back from this fairly crappy bar that we ended up going to due to a social being there, a random girl jumped into the taxi with us as we were about to set off, almost not noticing us. I can't be bothered going into much detail about what happened, but she was definetely under the influence of something a bit stronger than alcohol, and the experience was simultaneously funny and scary (though definetely not dangerous for us, as she wasn't agressive). I hope that she's safe now (whether she was a drug addict of sorts or she simply had a spiked drink, I don't want to see a headline in the local newspaper reading something like "girl found dead in park"). For any strangers reading this, I don't normally get into situations like this. I'm not partying 24/7 and I have never ever (and never want to) take  illegal drugs.

Also, just a few hours ago, my mum phoned me to reveal to me that our house, which has been quietly on the market for some time now (aka it was on for a while fully advertised, we took it off advertising rotas, but it could be used as a last resort showhome if people were inquiring about houses), has just been sold. A few people had seen the house in its last resort showhome state, and some people came to view the house at the weekend, just a day after I had left for university. I had known about it, and had forgotten about it because of the events this week. And we will likely be celebrating Christmas in a new home. I really am still in a state of shock (so is my bro; he didn't get any sleep for a few days). I'll be able to pop back home for a little while, so I'll get to say goodbye to my home of eleven years then.

current mood: shocked

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Friday, September 22nd, 2006
1:09 pm - I'm going to university!
Well, tomorrow, it's happening. I'm finally leaving home and going to university. Oh my. Time has really flown these past few years. I remember around three years ago, thinking of university, wondering about it and how it seemed so near (people three years older than me were going), yet so far (2003, 2006). And now it's actually happening. And I don't know what I exactly feel. There's a mixture of feelings in my head; nervous, excited, happy, sad, mellow, laidback, annoyed, naive, cautious. Hopefully (and most likely definetely), my experiences there will be much better than my experiences at high school. By the time I had finished there, I think that with the majority, I was generally a liked person, so I got my own sort of happy ending, but I'm pretty glad to have let go of that place.

As what I just wrote sounded a bit melancholy, I'll change the mood by adding a humourous annecdote. When I was clearing out a cupboard yesterday, I found a whole load of things that I had drawn/written from around late 2003, when I started to have some sort of fantasy to be a modern-day Walt Disney of sorts. I think that if I had gone the way of what I was doing, I'd flat out fail at that ambition. I'm so glad that I've improved my artistic and storytelling abilities on the whole. Prominent are hokey stories (the animation equivalent of Springtime for Hitler in terms of quality), really out of proportion drawings and a general plagiaristic attitude (The Lion King in what's left of the forests of England!). But the worst thing was a Christmas Carol that I wrote (well, I wrote the lyrics). I will not be posting that up here so as not to appear as a fool. "Skip to Church on Yuletide Morn" is extremely disturbing and essentially something that epitomises the sad state that Christmas has become.

current mood: mixed

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1:08 pm
Poll #827346 Who exactly is reading this entry?

Who exactly is reading this entry?

Friend whom I (Joe) know in the flesh.
Some random stranger.
Fellow member off a forum.
[Insert needless jokey person here]

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Friday, August 25th, 2006
11:05 pm - Two weeks of updating...
Well, it's been two weeks since I added an entry to this old thing. And I've got so much news...I got into my first choice of University (Nottingham)! I didn't quite get the total grades that I needed to get in, but they let me in anyhow (which is making me feel grateful). I also passed my driving theory test, so I'm happy because of that. Oh, I'm just generally happy. Wheeeeeee!

current mood: happy

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Sunday, August 13th, 2006
8:13 pm - I typed my name into You Tube and...
...this came out:

There. This post was just pointless, wasn't it?

current mood: bored

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Wednesday, June 14th, 2006
1:58 pm
You Are Apple Green
You are almost super-humanly upbeat. You have a very positive energy that surrounds you. And while you are happy go lucky, you're also charmingly assertive. You get what you want, even if you have to persuade those against you to see things your way. Reflective and thoughtful, you know yourself well - and you know that you want out of life.
Your Political Profile:
Overall: 10% Conservative, 90% Liberal
Social Issues: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal
Personal Responsibility: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal
Fiscal Issues: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal
Ethics: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal
Defense and Crime: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

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Sunday, June 11th, 2006
11:01 am - A book wishlist...
I think that my appreciation of books has risen in the past six months or so. I've almost finished Birdsong, a book that is 500 pages long (I have to admit that I used to have a fear of 300+ page books). So, for the sake of it, I will now make a wishlist of some of the books that I need to buy someday...

current mood: peaceful

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Thursday, May 25th, 2006
11:56 am - Another thing stolen from misshyde...
Five different places you'd like to visit:
1.) Australia
2.) California
3.) Japan
4.) Brazil
5.) Austria

Five celebrities you think are hot: (in no specific order)
1.) Beyoncé Knowles
2.) Mischa Barton
3.) Audrey Tautou
4.) Keira Knightley
5.) Scarlet Johanson (sp?)

Five people you admire: (aside from friends and family, there's more than five of this, so I don't really want to play favourites)
1.) Bono
2.) Yeardley Smith
3.) Audrey Tautou

Five amazing things:
1.) Music
2.) Nice people
3.) Colours
4.) Animation
5.) Nature

Five things you don't like:
1.) Rude people
2.) Ann Coulter
3.) Prejudeces/Ignorance
4.) Media executives who ruin the quality of films/TV shows
5.) Dreary R n' B music

Five things you miss about your childhood:
1.) The super happy 1990s (not the politically intense 2000s)
2.) BBC2's weekday early evening "cult" block (aka when they had stuff like Top of the Pops 2, The Simpsons and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air all around 6pm)
3.) ITV being a more regional channel (it made it seem as though the North West had an exclusive channel)
4.) Being able to like a lot of clean stuff without realising it's crap.
5.) The Disney Store actually having books on animation reference (even as an eight year old, I found these more interesting than a Lion King mug).

Five movies you like:
1.) Amelie
2.) Alice in Wonderland
3.) The Graduate
4.) Moulin Rouge
5.) Dumbo

Five things you are:
1.) Radical
2.) Friendly (I hope)
3.) Creative
4.) Open-Minded (I hope)
5.) A person who has mood swings

Five things you aren't:
1.) Super-Intelligent (as in straight As all the time)
2.) Good at driving
3.) Good at team sports
4.) Always Confident
5.) A person with a pin-up body (but don't worry, I'm not implying that I'm the size of a walrus; I just don't look like I'm from the cast of The O.C.)

Five tv shows you like:
1.) The Simpsons
2.) Futurama
3.) My Name is Earl
4.) E4 Music
5.) Goodness Gracious Me

Five favorite musical people/groups (at the moment):
1.) Coldplay
2.) Maroon 5
3.) Franz Ferdinand
4.) Kaiser Chiefs
5.) Simon and Garfunkel

Five favorite random things that have a special place in your heart:
1.) Magic
2.) Nature
3.) Friends/Family
4.) Animation (particularly Disney and The Simpsons)
5.) England...despite it's faults, I love it, and wouldn't want to live anywhere else

Five things you want to do before you die:
1.) Finish University
2.) Get married
3.) Have kids
4.) Be involved somewhere at one point in film/TV production
5.) Go to Australia

Five random words:
1.) Spoon
2.) Pudding
3.) Room
4.) Wuzzles
5.) Brown

Five random things that you have 5 of:
1.) DVDs
2.) CDs
3.) Books
4.) Ornaments
5.) Videos

Five countries you'd never have sex in:
1. Russia
2. Mexico
3. Iraq
4. North Korea
5. Madagascar

Five people on livejournal you miss:
n/a really

Five people who should just "disappear":
1.) Nick Griffin
2.) Journey South
3.) Terrorists
4.) Ann Coulter
5.) Le Pen

Five Random Quotes

1.) The Art and Flair of Mary Blair
2.) Mmmm...sacrelicious
3.) I like balloons.
4.) Whalers on the moon
5.) I am so smart

Five things you would change about yourself:
1.) All the physical stuff
2.) To be more confident
3.) To be more sporty
4.) To be more amusing
5.) To be less like a plumper Ichabod Crane

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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006
1:57 pm
I found this little quiz in the journal of misshyde. Of these 158 things, I've lived through 86 of the things, the equivalent to around 54%. Therefore, I've definetely lived more than half a life! Wahoo!

[1] I have read a lot of books. (should have read more, though)
[ ] I have been on some sort of varsity team.
[ ] I have run more than 2 miles without stopping.
[2] I have been to Canada.

[3] I have been to Europe.
[4] I have watched cartoons for hours.
[5] I have tripped UP the stairs.
[6] I have fallen down an entire flight of stairs.
[ ] I have been snowboarding/skiing.

[7] I have played ping pong.
[8] I swam in the ocean.
[ ] I have been on a whale watch.
[9] I have seen fireworks.

[10] I have seen a shooting star.
[ ] I have seen a meteor shower.
[ ] I have almost drowned.
[11] I have been so embarrassed I wanted to disappear.

[12] I have listened to one CD over and over and over again.
[13] I have had stitches.
[ ] I have had frostbite.
[ ] I have licked a frozen pole and got stuck there.
[ ] I have stayed up til 2 doing homework/projects.
[14] I have been ice skating.
[15] I have been rollerblading.
[16] I have fallen flat on my face.
[17] I have tripped over my own two feet.
[18] I have been in a fist fight.
[19] I have played videogames for more than 3 hours straight.
[20] I have watched the power rangers.

[21] I attend Church regularly. (accopanying other people)
[22] I have played truth or dare.
[23] I have already had my 16th birthday.
[24] I have already had my 17th birthday.
[25] I've called someone stupid.
[26] I've been in a verbal argument.
[27] I've cried in school.
[ ] I've played basketball on a team.
[ ] I've played baseball on a team.
[ ] I've played football on a team.
[ ] I've played soccer on a team.
[ ] I've done cheerleading on a team.
[ ] I've played softball on a team.
[ ] I've played volleyball on a team.
[ ] I've played tennis on a team.
[ ] I've been on a track or cross country team.
[28] I've been swimming more than 20 times in my life.
[ ] I've bungee jumped.

[29] I've climbed a rock wall.
[30] I've lost more than $20
[31] I've called myself an idiot.
[32] I've called someone else an idiot.
[33] I've cried myself to sleep.
[34] I've had (or have) pets.

[35] I've owned a spice girls CD/cassette. (then they blew up in the tape player...)
[ ] I've owned a britney spears CD.
[ ] I've owned an N*Sync CD.
[ ] I've owned a backstreet boys CD.
[ ] I've mooned someone.
[37] I have sworn/yelled at someone of authority before.
[38] I've been in the newspaper.
[39] I've been on TV.
[ ] I've been to Hawaii.
[ ] I've eaten sushi.
[ ] I've been on the other side of a waterfall.
[ ] I've watched all of the Lord of the Rings movies.
[ ] I've watched all the Harry Potter movies.
[ ] I've watched all of the Rocky movies.
[ ] I've watched the 3 stooges.
[ ] I've watched "Newlyweds" Nick & Jessica.
[40] I've watched Looney Tunes.
[ ] I've been stuffed into a locker/I have stuffed others into lockers.

[41] I've been called a geek.
[42] I've studied hard for a test and got a bad grade.
[43] I've not studied at all for a test and aced it.
[ ] I've hugged my mom within the past 24 hrs.
[ ] I've hugged my dad within the past 24 hours.
[44] I've met a celebrity/music artist.
[45] I've written poetry.
[ ] I've been arrested.

[46] I've been attracted to someone much older than me.
[47] I've been tickled till I've cried.
[ ] I've tickled someone else until they cried.
[48] I've had/have siblings.
[ ] I've been to a rock concert.

[49] I've listened to classical music and enjoyed it.
[50] I've been in a play.
[51] I've been picked last in gym class.
[ ] I've been picked first in gym class.
[52] I've been picked in that middle-range in gym class.

[53] I've cried in front of my friends.
[ ] I've read a book longer than 1,000 pages.
[ ] I've played Halo 2.
[54] I've freaked out over a sports game.
[ ] I've been to Alaska.

[ ] I've been to China.
[55] I've been to Spain.
[ ] I've been to Japan.
[56] I've had a fight with someone on AIM/MSN.
[57] I've had a fight with someone face-to-face.
[58] I've had serious conversations on any IM.

[59] I've forgiven someone who has done something wrong to me.
[60] I've been forgiven.
[ ] I've screamed at a scary movie.
[61] I've cried at a chick flick.
[62] I've watched a lot of action movies.
[63] I've screamed at the top of my lungs.
[ ] I've been to a rap concert.

[ ] I've been to a hip hop concert.
[64] I've lived in more than 2 houses.
[ ] I've driven on the highway/been on the highway.
[ ] I've driven more than 40 miles in a day/been in a car that went more than 40 miles in a day.
[65] I've been in a car accident. (only a slight bump, mind you)

[ ] I've done drugs.
[66] I've been homesick.
[67] I've thrown up.
[ ] I've puked on someone.
[ ] I've been horseback riding.

[68] I've filled out more than 10 MySpace/LJ surveys.
[69] I've spoken my mind in public.
[70] I've proved someone wrong.
[71] I've been proven wrong by someone.
[ ] I've broken a leg.

[72] I've broken an arm.
[ ] I've fallen off a swing.
[ ] I've swung on a swing for more than 30 minutes straight
[73] I've watched Winnie the Pooh movies. (only liked the original "based-on-original-books" films, not cash-in shit like "The Tigger Movie")
[ ] I've forgotten my backpack when I've gone to school.

[ ] I've lost my backpack.
[74] I've come close to dying.
[ ] I've seen someone die.
[75] I've known someone who has died.
[76] I've wanted to be an actor/actress at some point.

[ ] I've done modeling.
[77] I've forgotten to brush my teeth some mornings.
[78] I've taken something/someone for granted.
[79] I've realized how good my life is.
[ ] I've counted my blessings.
[80] I've made fun of a classmate.
[ ] I've been asked out by someone and I said no.

[81] I've slapped someone in the face.
[ ] I've been skateboarding.
[82] I've been backstabbed by someone I thought was a friend.
[83] I've lied to someone to their face.
[84] I've told a little white lie.

[85] I've taken a day off from school just so I don't go insane.
[ ] I've fainted.
[ ] I've had an argument with someone about whether cheerleading is a sport or not.
[ ] I've pushed someone into a pool.
[ ] I've been pushed into a pool.
[86] I've been/am in love (hardly think that I was truly loved back, and it was all a teenage secret)

current mood: accomplished

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Wednesday, May 17th, 2006
4:19 pm - It's official; I am a crap driver.

Despite only having had six lessons, I've made little progress when it comes to driving. I keep on getting nervous and frustrated trying to operate many things at once, and I've pretty much sealed myself in the eyes of the driving instructor as a really poor driver for my stage. And he pretty much implied that comparing my progress sheet to that of another student with the school. Guess who was the shitty one? I'm going to be honest here, but I cried when I got home after the driving lesson last night, as I really felt bad for failing due to my frustration, and more importantly, for failing compared to other people. At least it's not as bad as finding out I'm relitavely shit in things that I thought that I was good at that has happened in the past (such as art, skiing, French).

Anyway, just a week and a half left of this dump to endure. I guess that once I'm out of here for the summer (despite odd exams), I can manage to put in a few more lessons during the daytime in the weekdays. One thing is for certain; I am going to make myself be able to drive fully by the beginning of September.

Oh, and on a side note, having had to stay behind an hour after school thanks to my brother's activities (hellish for me, I must say), I've heard some of the cleaning staff talking about the sixth formers...and what they said wasn't entirely flattering; would you like to be compared to dogs and pigs?

current mood: angry

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Friday, March 31st, 2006
1:01 pm - The Generic Friday Lunchtime Update

Hey everybody, it's Joe Jarvis' generic Friday lunchtime weekly update! No new DVDs, CDs or anything purchasable in general here, so I can't say anything to do with that kind of thing. I can however, say that I now am finally getting driving lessons! I should have started nine months ago and I'm one of the few in my year who can't drive, but soon the stigma will end. I know, I'm polluting the environment doing it. I could forgive myself, though; I could always take the opinion of everyone's favourite American conservative "pundit" Ann Coulter, couldn't I?

"I take the biblical idea. God gave us the earth. We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees. God says, "Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It's yours."

I often wonder if she was abused as a child.

current mood: busy

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Friday, March 24th, 2006
1:59 pm - So, the end result wasn't that bad?

Okay, I feel so stupid for the last post, as I've discovered that I made a bit of a mistake on the results. I actually realised that via the listening exam, I got the two marks to get me a B. So all that crying for nothing. Oh well, nevermid.

On a completely different note, I now have another blog, this one showcasing my opinions on various things in the media:


I also had an amazing revalation yesterday whilst doodling at a French convention thingy; I've come up with another cooky idea for an animated sitcom. Essentially, it's like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld in that I play myself, yet the surroundings and events in my life are pretty much fictional. I'm only giving that away, as I don't want somebody to steal my idea, but it has something to do with TV production...

P.S. The social last night was fun. It had a Disney theme! That should excite the majority of the readers here.

current mood: happy

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Friday, March 3rd, 2006
3:37 pm - This LJ is embarassing...
I've just looked at some of my back entries of my LJ and I have to admit that some of them are kinda embarassing. Almost all of them relate to feeling bad about mundane in retrospect things, DVD purchases and Disney related things. People who read this are going to get a really weird image of me; a neurotic and confidence lacking geek who's life is spent cycling around Stockton Heath, complaining about school and family and watching Disney related stuff. Damn you, My Live Journal! You are making me look a dick! Oh, wait, I'm the one who's making myself look like a dick.

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Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
2:44 pm - USA is where I've been.
"I've been to America, the land of the free, where dreams come true with the Gold Diggers of '33 and the Spirit of St Louis and Johnny and Joey and Jebediah of West Springfield, Illinois! We're fighting the war against Hitler for you, Miss Streetcar of 1942! God bless the land of the free!"

Sorry, I had to do that silly 1940s patriotic thing then. As you can tell, I've been to the USA. New England to be precise. And with da school. I've gotta run, but I promise that I'll put photos up (you've gotta be a LJ member and a friend of mine to see them, though, as an act of privacy, it's easy to sign up and I trust people too much).

Now to English! War poetry...yikes.

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Friday, February 17th, 2006
1:21 pm - Uh-oh...


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Wednesday, February 15th, 2006
3:13 pm
Your 1920's Name is:

Gerhard Oakley

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